The National Development Plan (NDP) sets out an ambitious plan that will help the country grow the economy and therefore address the various social problems that exist. When one reads through the NDP it highlights the economy and development; an integrated and inclusive rural economy and improving education, training and innovation as key drivers to get the economy growing. Entrepreneurship and skills development are integral components of governments’ plans. There are many skills development initiatives across the different sectors of the economy contributing positively to the growth of our economy. Ours is an initiative with a primary focus of developing, growing and training small micro business enterprises in townships. In recent years, there has been much focus and recognition on the need to grow the township economy so as to capitalize on the opportunities it has. The establishment of the Department of Small Business Development indicates the urgent need to not only grows but to also capacitate SMMEs across the country to make a meaningful contribution to job creation which will have a greater impact on the growth of the South African economy. National Small Business & Cooperative Association (NSBCA) sees itself as a role player towards achieving the economic growth goal identified in the NDP. Ours is an exclusive business model primarily focusing on capacitating, training, developing and growing SMMEs nationally. The transformation of the economy as envisaged in the NDP requires focused efforts to build the capabilities available in the township economy through partnerships between beneficiaries and service providers such as NSBCA. We have identified a gap in the development of SMMEs primarily in township areas and NSBCA intends to fill this gap by providing training geared towards business management skills and business development programmes in the following learning fields to capacitate our stakeholders:

  • Youth development programme
  • Supplier development programme
  • Enterprise development programme
  • Community development programme

As an association, we have adopted a new micro business model embracing the culture of “engagement”. It is based on the premise of providing an enabling environment for our stakeholders to employ and
develop more of their whole selves in their envisioned careers and at work. The following enablers are adopted for use by NSBCA as critical for the fulfillment of the envisaged engagement culture: