Membership is open to any business operating in Tshwane and is divided into the following categories:

  1. Individual Membership: Informal and micro enterprises, home-based sole traders, service providers supporting local businesses.
  2. Full Membership:  Formally registered small enterprises and co-operatives.
  3. Affiliated  Business Forums, Chambers and organisations supporting SMMEs, Co-operatives, Informal businesses operating in the townships and rural areas.They will receive 5 – 10% referral fees from service providers and suppliers.
  4. Associate Membership: Government Institutions, SETAs and private companies providing financial and non financial support services to TCBF members.

Membership Benefits

There are countless good reasons to join TCBF.

Business Network:  TCBF offers you a huge network, which will result in business linkages opportunities. Through our networking opportunities, TCBF can save you time and money by introducing you to potential partners, customers and suppliers.  The networking events are in the form of business information sessions, breakfast, luncheons, dinners, exhibitions and business conferences.

Business Relationships:  TCBF facilitates business relationships with Government Development Agencies, SETAs  and the private sector.  With its widespread and numerous contacts, these relationships will be extended between local businesses and big businesses within the Tshwane regions and across the Gauteng Province.