National Small Business & Cooperative Association (NSBCA) is an association of professional consultants, experts and specialists in the fields of cooperatives and small business development  in various sectors.  A Non-Profit Organization (NPO) established under the Non-Profit Organization Act 71 of 1997 by the founder and Chairperson  Mr Dali Kwezi  Lionel Ramncwana who is a specialist in Small Enterprise and Cooperative Development.

The Association is dedicated to advocating, promoting and advancing the development of small businesses and cooperatives owned by youth, women and people with disabilities, each contributing to a stronger economy by investing in people and their communities.  

The Association’s membership brings unity amongst mostly rural and township-based cooperative businesses. Members provide ideas and advice for those potential business owners seeking to grow and form cooperatives.  We hope to reorganise the entrepreneurial landscape by having cooperatives linked to successful entrepreneurs. This is where the proper networking, marketing and cooperative model can make a difference in South Africa.

To achieve this, we are constantly looking for ways to create opportunities for our members and encourage them to work together to achieve equitable economic growth  in order to enhance their income earning potential and job creation. 



The vision of the National Small Business & Cooperative Association is to create sustainable cooperative businesses and provides its members equal access to opportunities to enable them to be effectively integrated into the economic mainstream.


The Association is committed to sharing inspiring success stories, focusing on results, strengthening relationships, being open and inclusive, bringing out the best in others, and celebrating achievement.
The Association will expose its members to access structured training in entrepreneurship, cooperatives management with coaching and mentoring support, personal development and motivation from successful entrepreneurs.
The Association will join hands with government, the private sector and like-minded professionals to advance economic empowerment of small businesses and cooperatives. 
All members of the Association understand that their voices are stronger when they join hands with others who share the same vision and find new and better ways to work together to empower small businesses and cooperatives